Marquee Hire for 18th and 21st Birthdays

Milestone Birthdays are commonly one of the most memorable nights you will have, celebrating with friends and family is a fantastic way of entering the adult world with a bang!

Garden marquee parties are becoming an increasingly popular option as a party venue to host your birthday. Rather than inviting your guests to party in your home which can lead to things being damaged, stained or broken; having everyone in a marquee solves this problem immediately.

Whether you are celebrating with a large amount of guests over a three course meal or having a small amount of close friends for a drink and a dance we can cater for you.

Below is some advice that you may want to consider when having your party at home to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the night.

  1. Styling and theming

    We have vast experience in providing marquees for both 18ths and 21st birthdays. We have acted on suggestions from previous customers from past years and have invested heavily in great additions that will have a huge impact on the look of your marquee. Items such as the glow bar, glow cube seats and black and white dance floors can help transform your garden marquee into a London night club fit for any celebration. Please speak to your marquee specialist when having your site visit on the different themes that are we are able to offer.

  2. Keeping things under control

    We all know that 18 and 21 year olds have been known to over indulge from time to time. Having bar staff and a bar is a fantastic way of ensuring that your guests are drinking measured amounts and are asked to stop drinking if too much has been consumed.

  3. Keeping the cost down

    It is common that when organising parties of this type costs can start spiralling out of control. Please look at our package deals which can cut costs and still give you everything that is required for a stylish, memorable marquee.
    Below are some other great money saving tips to consider when planning your event:

    • Use an iPod player instead of hiring a DJ
    • Rather than hiring expensive glassware and crockery, disposable items are a great alternative. This not only helps with cost but makes the cleaning up after the event an awful lot easier!
    • If you have not hired a DJ with a lighting rig, using our uplighters with coloured filters is a cost effective way of lighting your marquee. Also using a disco ball with a spot light is a great way of substituting disco lights. Both the coloured uplighters and disco ball can dramatically change the look and feel of the marquee getting everyone in the party mood.

Tips Top Tip

Portable toilets can also be hired from one of our recommended suppliers. Hiring toilets means the whole party can be hosted outdoors and without any reason for going into the house.

Tips Top Tip

Monaco Marquees has its own experienced bar staff who are available to hire to run the bar for your event. They will be happy to serve the drinks that you have supplied and look after your guests throughout the night. Our event staff have a list of glowing testimonials from past events.

Tips Top Tip

If you have a close friend whose birthday falls on a similar date to your own, having a joint party is a great cost saving idea that could potentially save up to half the cost of your event.

Tips Top Tip

Feed your guests, drinking on an empty stomach will lead to problems throughout the night. Even if it is as simple as serving bacon sandwiches to your guests it will be enough to soak up some of the drink and prevent any embarrassing situations.